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Founded to build an inclusive KYC solution for cryptocurrency market participants, enabled by fusing smart contract and artificial intelligence technologies.


Leveraging on over 5 decades of experience in compliance amongst the founding team and advisors, seeks to revolutionise the e-KYC process, bridging the gap between physical and virtual world identities.

The Problem with KYC

A lack of budget and experienced compliance personnel to build watertight KYC processes 

A low priority allocated to compliance due to its perception as being a cost center 

A false assumption that anonymity overrides the need to comply with AML and CTF regulations

What we do

Develop a network based on our KYC framework that will satisfy real-world regulations

Provide an ongoing due dilligence process that is demonstrable to regulators

Fusing smart contracts with A.I. to promote regulatory inclusion

Why we are different

Founding team and advisors have over 5 decades of Compliance and RegTech experience

A track record in providing KYC solutions with a pool of existing clients and partners

Combine the power of the Community with machine intelligence to revolutionise KYC